Have you purchased a new Wilson tennis bag, hoping to get started in a healthy new hobby this summer? You may be wondering about what kinds of gear you need to get started up in the courts. Thankfully, you can be swinging a high-quality racket in no time, with just a few tennis-playing essentials.

Tennis is an excellent source of exercise that is becoming increasingly accessible as more cities across the United States invest in public courts. Many public gyms also feature tennis courts, and some even offer competitive or training events to help you get started in the game.

Carrying high-quality Wilson tennis bags stocked with the following essentials can help you to be ready whenever a potential match arises!

  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes and socks should be comfortable and allow your feet to move with litheness. You should also have some level of breathability in your footwear to prevent sweat buildup and unnecessary blistering.
  • Proper clothing: Loose fitting, breathable gym clothing is essential for playing almost any sport, but especially tennis. Fill your Wilson tennis bag with comfortable clothing that fits securely but loosely around your frame.
  • Tennis balls: Choosing the right tennis ball for you can be deceptively difficult. First and foremost, it is important to understand that not all tennis balls are made equally. Balls with tighter, fuzzier surfaces generally will experience less air drag than fluffier balls.
  • Multiple rackets: Rackets are undeniably the most important piece of gear that you will carry in your Wilson tennis bag. Often, it is necessary to choose more than one racket to successfully complete a game of tennis. Choose rackets that fit your personal serving style, as well as your height and build.
  • Backup sandals: When you go to take a break, an extra pair of flip-flops can help you to relax and rest your feet in comfort. Leaving on your sweaty socks can be detrimental to your feet, and may even result in the propagation of adverse conditions such as athlete’s foot.
  • A towel: Carrying a towel in your Wilson tennis bag is essential to your post-game comfort! For many casual athletes, tennis is an excellent source of mid-day exercise. Returning to your desk while sweaty and still smelling like you’re in the game, however, is generally frowned upon.

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