Racquet Stringing

Proudly family owned and operated for more than 20 years, Lawler Sports has been the official stringer of the U.S. Open Racquetball Tournament since its inception in 1996. Locally known as the Racquetball Players’Mart, we specialize in providing excellent service and superior workmanship in tennis racquet stringing service and more throughout Terre Haute, IN and the surrounding areas.

Owned by Ian Titus and founded by Rex Lawler (also known as the String King), two longtime racquet sports enthusiasts with a lengthy track record of success and accomplishments, we are committed to bringing the best and brightest of professionalism and service to tennis, squash, racquetball, table tennis and badminton players in the area. With more than 20 years of professional experience, both as players and service professionals, no one brings a higher caliber of service to you and your equipment than Lawler Sports:

  • Tennis racquet stringing: At only $16.00 per racquet plus shipping, our tennis racquet stringing service among the best and most affordable in the Midwest. Let the experts give your equipment—and your game—a helpful boost.
  • Racquetball and squash racquet stringing: A racquet properly strung with high-quality strings can improve your game exponentially. Not only do we offer tennis racquet stringing, but we are also experts at racquetball, squash and badminton racquets.
  • Tennis racket restringing: Over time, racquets lose their tension, which is a process that can be accelerated by a hard-hitting, string breaking and powerful overall game. Frequent care and restringing ensures the health and long life of your equipment.

We will proudly and gladly service or restring any make and model of racquet, and some brands we proudly work with include Alpha, Ashaway, Prince, Head, Gearbox, Bexco, Python, Under Armour, Wilson and, of course, our own Lawler Sports.

We know how powerful a properly stringed instrument can be to the power and prowess of your game, and we pride ourselves in helping you reach the peak of performance with your racquet in any sport. To request a quote or to find out more about our restringing services, call us today at 812-235-3701.

Racquet Customization

*Please note that altering a racquet may void your warranty*  

Weight & Balance

Adjust the weight and balance to add stabilization to your game. We offer racquet matching as well. Let us help you add consistency and precision to your performance. Call for a quote.

Custom Paint

Play with a racquet that reflects your unique style. Choose from a variety of colors.
Call for a quote on custom designs and decals. Starting at $70.

Custom Handles 

Fit your grip! Re-size, reshape, and choose from a variety of colors.  Starting at $15.