About Lawler Sports

Lawler Sports, also known as “The Racquetball Players Mart,” is a major mail order racquetball products company. We are located in Terre Haute, Indiana and owned by Ian Titus. It was originally founded by Rex Lawler, “The String King.” Rex has been a certified stringing technician for 25 years, and has passed down the art to his successor.

The Players Mart offers you a wide range of court products and services that can be easily accessed online through our website.

Lawler Sports specializes in Racquetball, Pickleball, Tennis, Squash, Badminton, and even has Table Tennis paddles.

If you get your order in by 5:00 pm CST we will ship the same day as long as all items are in stock at time of order. All items marked as “unlimited” doesn’t mean that we have an unlimited amount in stock, but that we are able to get more from our manufacturers. All major credit cards are honored. If you have special instructions, please note them in the spaces provided. We want to serve you again and again. In fact, we serve you well so you may “serve” even better!