Tennis racket restringing requires the right equipment and plenty of patience. It is why this is not a do-it-yourself process, even if you can purchase the tools. At Lawler Sports, we are experienced with tennis racket restringing, so all you need to do is wait for your racket and its new strings. Here is what is involved when we restring rackets:

  • The stringing machine: We do not have a business without this device. It is impossible to restring a racket without one. Its function is to hold the racket in place while maintaining tension on the string. Without this essential piece, your racket strings will not have the tension you require and your play will suffer. There are stringing machines with electronic tension control that make this process even easier.
  • Measuring: Restringing starts with measuring 40 feet of string, the usual minimum with every string package. If we are getting string from a reel (most likely, since we do this as a profession), we measure out the 40 feet and click it at a diagonal so it is easier to string through grommets. Then, we cut it in half, so 20 feet is for the mains and the remaining becomes the crosses.
  • Removing old strings: Starting with the center and moving outward, we cut out the old strings. While doing this, we also inspect the grommets to see if they require replacement. If there are sharp edges in the grommets, we risk breaking the string as we put it into the racket, or worse, you may experience failure during play.
  • Removing kinks: Natural gut especially will break if kinks in the string create weak spots. That is why, before we start running this through your racket, we remove them and any knots. It also makes it easier to run the string through the racket.
  • Get started: Once we free the old string from the racket, we mount it into the stringing machine. Depending on your brand and design of racket, we either start stringing from the top or bottom. Generally, six holes at the throat means we start at the bottom, and eight holes is a start from the top.
  • String and tension: We start with the main (vertical) strings, and once they are in, we pull them through to create your desired tension. Manual machines are cranked each time a string is tensioned, and electronic machines automatically pull the string to the intended tension. Once we finish the mains and tie their knots, we repeat this process with the crosses. During that stage, we introduce more tension and keep pulling until everything is balanced out. Then we complete a series of finishing knots.
  • Inspection: Once finished, we check the racket for kinks, missing spots and damage. If it all looks fine, we clip the remaining string and prepare to return it to you. If we find any errors, we put the racket back on the stringing machine and make further adjustments until it is perfect.

Lawler Sports is a leader in tennis racket restringing. Contact us today if it is time for your racket to receive this service.


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