When you are shopping for a new tennis racquet, you may be tempted to pick the nicest, shiniest one on the shelf and take it home right away to play without considering how it might fit your playing style. If you are dedicated to the sport, though, it’s really important that you test out a few different models of tennis racquets before making a final decision, because not all racquets will be good choices for you.

In order to test out a few racquets, some companies offer the ability to do a tennis racquet demo, where you can try out different racquets for a few days and play with them before committing to one. Demos can help you see which types are best for your body and your play style while giving yourself time to come to the right mental decision. Here are some important things to think about or do during a tennis racquet demo:

  • Consider your old racquet model: Sometimes you’ll have a favorite tennis racquet model that works great for you, but need to buy a new one due to damage or overuse. If your favorite model is still available, it might be a good choice to purchase that again. However, you may want to consider trying out other models that are similar to see if something else works better, especially if you’ve had it for a while. This is also a good strategy if your model has been discontinued.
  • Try different playing techniques: While you demo each racquet, it’s important that you don’t just hit a few of the same strokes once or twice and move on. Go through each individual stroke more than once to see how the racquet helps you deliver the ball in different situations.
  • Take your time: You don’t need to rush through the tennis racquet demo process. Most companies with a demo program will allow you to try the racquet for a few days. Take this opportunity to play with each racquet more than once—your play style or partner on a given day may affect how you feel about the new racquet. Test each racquet you’re demoing on multiple different occasions and take notes during each test.

Doing a tennis racquet demo before you make a final tennis racquet purchase decision is a really good idea for all players, especially if you’ve had one racquet that you’ve loved for a very long time. If you’re newer to the sport, try out a variety of racquets with different characteristics to see which type of variables work best for you. If you’re more experienced, demoing a racquet is a great way to find that perfect fit for your play style. In either case, be sure to keep these three things in mind while you test out any racquet.

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