Wilson Sporting Goods is known for making some of the finest racquetball and tennis equipment in the world. These high-quality tools of the trade are frequently used by both professionals and amateurs alike.

For more than 100 years, Chicago-based Wilson has been creating high-caliber sporting equipment that is widely regarded and used as the standard in many professional sports leagues. Any good sportsperson knows, however, that the quality of gear is only useful when it is being played with properly. Strategy, practice and talent all play a role in how successful you are at your game of choice.

Did you pick up some new Wilson racquets for use this summer season? You can come out on top at your next racquetball match by employing these helpful strategies:

  • Stay in the center court: Staying near or just behind the dotted five feet line can help you maintain a strong competitive advantage as you play your match. Your opponent’s mis-hits will all fall within a step or two of this position. Maintaining this ground also makes it easier to retrieve passing shots.
  • Perfecting your pitch: The most basic kind of racquetball serve is the low drive serve. The low drive serve allows you to aim a hard hit ball toward the back of the court. Typically, this serve is executed by pitching your Wilson racquet from the right side of your body across to your left side.
  • Play on your opponent’s weakness: This could typically mean hitting toward your opponent’s backhand. You should immediately identify the serve that they have trouble hitting back against. Regardless of what that serve is, having an intimate knowledge of whom you are playing against will always work to your advantage!
  • Don’t hit toward your opponent: When your opponent is deep in the backcourt, hit pinch shots and kill shots that are at knee-level or lower. You can also use Wilson racquets to pitch ceiling shots when your adversary is closer to you. Generally speaking, you want to do your best to keep your opponent running across the court.
  • Avoid rebounding off the back wall: Balls that rebound off the back wall give your opponent an easy shot. Don’t allow them to control the situation. You should consistently use your Wilson racquet to serve balls that don’t rebound. Keeping your volleys at low and high altitudes can make this much easier to achieve.

Regardless of the equipment in your bag, it’s important to employ a game-winning strategy throughout the course of your racquetball match. Learning your strengths and examining your opponent’s weaknesses will help you to build a consistently effective game strategy that allows


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