Table tennis is a tabletop sport involving two or four players. It calls for small paddles and hitting a super lightweight ball back and forth over a low-set net in the center of a table. This activity is also called ping pong. Some people say that table tennis looks like a miniaturized version of tennis, which is played on a large court. But while tennis players might wear a nice pair of Wilson tennis shoes and choose a professionally stringed tennis racquet to play, this is not the case for ping pong players.

Because the game of table tennis differs from other sports that require a racquet or paddle, let’s take a look at some of essentials needed to make every beginner or intermediate player shine:

  • A proper paddle: You know your playing style, which is important when selecting a proper ping pong paddle. The right racket and rubber combination is key to completing a game without running into issues with your paddle, so choose wisely. But since many beginners have yet to establish a style, they may want to consult a professional table tennis equipment retailer for assistance.
  • The right footwear: Wilson tennis shoes are a fantastic choice for playing on a tennis court, but are they good for table tennis players? Maybe. You should go for a sports shoe that provides comfort, because you’ll be shuffling your feet and running around a great deal. Make sure to break in new shoes before wearing them in a tournament. Shock absorption is found in the sole; its thickness and hardness is important to ensure your feet are not injured upon landing. Also, choose a shoe that is lightweight and offers good traction.
  • Ping pong balls: There are so many ping pong balls to choose from. However, you always want to train with the same type and brand of ball that will be used in the tournament. This is because playing techniques vary by player, including how hard you hit the ball, how much spin you put on it and more.
  • A proper training area: If possible, it’s ideal for a competitive table tennis player to have a properly equipped training area. The area should be spacious, have rubber flooring, a tournament-style table and good airflow and ventilation. Also, hydration is crucial, so keep a water container nearby, and keep it filled.
  • A healthy lifestyle: From routine workouts to eating the right healthy foods, the key to optimal table tennis performance is maintaining a healthy lifestyle—and not just during tournament season, but throughout your training sessions and the off-season. You cannot succeed like you want to while being unhealthy and neglecting proper hydration.
  • Commitment: You have to want it to win it. Show your dedication through training—even when you are not scheduled to train—and by giving it your all during competitions. Practice hard to improve your game!

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