Head Ballistic CT Pink Racquetball Glove


  • Preforated  Leather Sheepskin
  • CopperTech
  • Dryzone
  • Airprene
Buy 3 Get $.50 off each golve Buy 6 Get $1.00 off each glove


A glove that fits comfortably and helps to improve your health and performance? That is exactly what the Ballistic CT can do for you. The glove features CopperTech®, a Copper infused technology that has several really great things going for it: first, it improves the circulation of your working muscles and helps prevent strain and fatigue. It also wicks sweat away from the hand to prevent odor, provides much needed support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain, and helps recovery time. The glove also gives you a soft, yet cool grip thanks to the premium vented Cabretta leather. Extra feel and gripping power comes from the synthetic leather with silicon pattern on the ring and pinky finger while a leather-backed thumb, index and middle finger provide durability where it is needed most. Then there is Airprene, which protects your knuckles and increases the ventilation, while the ribbed structure allows the glove to bend with your hand.

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XXS, XS-R, S-R, M-R, L-R, M-L, L-L, S-L


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