Ashaway Dynamite Tough 16 Gauge String



Players seeking a string that offers excellent power and durability while retaining a gut-like response will enjoy the Ashaway Dynamite 16G Tough Black string. This string utilizes a Zyex monofilament core for increased power and resistance to tension loss. Zyex is a unique material with low dynamic stiffness, allowing it to be more responsive and powerful than polyester based strings while still offering improved durability over natural gut. The Zyex core is then wrapped in a high tenacity braided nylon outer. This outer provides additional resistance to wear while offering a crisp response. The 16 gauge diameter offers maximum durability and power while sacrificing a small amount of feel. Ashaway’s Dynamite 16G Tough Black is a great string for players who want a tension stable string with better energy return and response than polyester with better durability and pricing than natural gut.

Construction: Zyex monofilament core with braided nylon outer wrap

Color: Black

Gauge: 1.30mm

Length: 40’ set


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