2005 US Open Racquetball Championships DVD Set


Experience the U.S. Open of 2004 all over again. Includes the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals from the IRT, as well as the LPRA singles final.Featuring Kane Waselenchuk, Ronda Rajsich, Rocky Carson, Cliff Swain, Jack Huczek & more of the top pros.


DVD 1 – Mens Quarters

(Carson vs. Mannino)


DVD 2 – Mens Quarters
(Vanderson vs. Huczek)
(Waselenchuk vs. Gutierrez)
DVD 3 – Mens Semi
(Swain vs. Huczek)
(Waselenchuk vs. Carson)
DVD 4 – Finals
Mens (Waselenchuk vs. Swain)
Womens (Van Plees vs. Rajsich)


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