Whether you are an experienced player or new to the sport, you likely know that the right tennis racquet can make a big difference in your game. While a good tennis racquet won’t automatically make you a pro, it will help you perform to the best of your abilities. Each tennis racquet is created with the intention of serving a variety of different needs, such as sizing, skill level and swing type. Because you will hopefully be using this racquet for years, it is worth taking the time to research what is best suited for your unique needs. To help you get started, the experts at Lawler Sports have assembled a few tips for selecting the perfect Wilson racquets.

Measure for the proper grip size

Your first step should always be to measure your hand to determine the right grip size. Start by measuring from the middle line in your palm to the top part of your middle finger. This is your grip size. If you’re between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller one because you can easily increase the circumference by adding a few layers of overgrip tape

Consider length

Most people will find the standard 27-inch-long racquet is a perfectly suitable length. You could also opt for a longer length racquet if you are looking for additional power. Racquets longer than 29 inches will provide greater leverage on the swing, which gives you a more powerful shot. On the other hand, an extended length racquet can be more difficult to maneuver and can make aiming a challenge. If you’re a beginner, it’s probably best to stick with the standard length for now.

Select a style

There are three common styles of tennis racquets. Each one is suited for different skill levels, needs and styles of play:

  • Control racquets: The control racquet is designed for highly skilled players. It offers a small head design to give the player the most control possible. The power comes from the user, as opposed to the racquet. This type of racquet tends to be a bit heavier than other types and can vary in length based on the unique needs of the user.
  • Power racquets: The power racquet is recognizable by its large head, light weight and longer style, making it the perfect choice for beginners. You’ll find a bit more power in your shot with this style.
  • Tweener racquets: This type of racquet is exactly what it sounds like. It offers a combination of the benefits offered by control and power racquets, which makes it a great all-around option for almost every player. Recreational players and newcomers will love this style for the control and ease of use it offers.

Consider your skill level

There’s no need to put hundreds of dollars into a new racquet if you’re just trying tennis for the first time. There is a variety of high quality Wilson racquets available at a wide range of different price points for you to choose from at Lawler Sports. Check out our website today to start shopping!


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