Does your tennis game seem to be a bit off lately? Your racquet might be responsible for your recent decline. As a tennis player, this news could be hard to hear. You have likely become quite attached to your favorite racquet through countless matches and practices—not to mention that purchasing a brand new racquet and accompanying strings are not cheap. Eventually, you will be faced with the question of whether it is time to buy a new racquet or if there’s some life left in your current one. Luckily, a tennis racquet demo can help you try out a new racquet without having to commit to a purchase.

Here are four signs to help you figure out when it is time for a new tennis racquet:

  • Cracks: Even the best kept racquet is bound to sustain some damage due to regular usage over time. While some wear and tear is to be expected, visible cracking on the frame means it is too far gone. Your racquet can no longer offer peak performance once a crack has begun to form. In fact, it is likely that it won’t even be able to sustain another stringing at that point. A cracked racquet is at risk of splitting in half at any time, so it’s best to act proactively by picking out a new tennis racquet.
  • New strings don’t help: Usually, hitting the ball right after getting a new set of strings should be a great experience. A tennis racquet that’s past its prime won’t feel fresh even with the addition of new strings. If that’s the case, then you should start shopping for a replacement.
  • Damaged grommets: The grommets on your tennis racquet work to protect the strings from easily snapping. They are unable to do their job if they are compromised. In some cases, you can purchase replacement grommets. Unfortunately, it can be harder to find the right grommets for your specific racquet as the years pass by. Eventually, purchasing an entirely new tennis racquet will be easier than trying to find new grommets for outdated models.
  • More than 10 years old: A variety of different factors will determine the lifespan of most tennis racquets. For example, racquets primarily used in mild temperatures with low humidity will tend to last longer than those used in extremely cold or humid environments. Regardless of where you’re playing, most racquets will need to be replaced after about 10 years of use. The technology can change drastically over the span of the decade, so why not upgrade to something more suited for the times?

As you shop for a new racquet, remember to focus on the weight and feel instead of the price or brand. As always, you can turn to the professionals at Lawler Sports for help selecting the perfect new tennis racquet for you. We carry the top brands for tennis, racquetball, pickle ball, squash and badminton. Check out our website today to view our wide range of court products and services, and ask about a tennis racquet demo if you’re unsure of which option will be the best fit. We look forward to assisting you soon!


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