If your goal is to protect your heart and stay in shape, then tennis is the perfect activity to take up. You will get to engage in an outdoor game that provides mental simulation, while also getting the chance to enjoy some fresh air and the natural surroundings. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a professional tennis player to take advantage of a good tennis workout. In fact, as long as they can handle a tennis racket, everyone from little kids to older adults can participate in this fun activity. So slip on those Head tennis shoes and head on out to the courts!

Now, let’s take a look at four fantastic ways your health can benefit from playing tennis:

  • Lose or maintain weight: Like other sports that get you moving, tennis can help you lose those excess pounds of fat. Additionally, playing tennis can actually help you burn more calories than other physical activities—such as volleyball, cycling and weight lifting— because you are constantly doing all sorts of maneuvers in your attempts to keep the ball in play. For recreational tennis games, choose an opponent who will challenge you, who will get you running hard and swinging your racquet non-stop to ensure optimal calorie burn, or just enough of a workout to maintain your weight.
  • Get a full body workout: If you’ve ever played a game of tennis, then you know just how strenuous this sport can be—whether you engage for 30 minutes or 2 hours. All over the court you’re running, sprinting, reaching out your arms, jumping and crunching, and the mere act of hitting the ball requires your body to twist and your shoulders to rotate, which will kick up your workout another notch. From head to toe, you will get a full body workout—there’s no doubt about it!
  • Good for the heart: Getting a good sweat on, burning calories and toning your body are not the only reasons to play tennis. The sport is also wonderful for heart health. Similar to interval training at a gym, playing matches in certain intervals that allow for short rests in between can improve cardiovascular health. In turn, you may lower your risk of having a heart attack, heart disease or stroke.
  • Work on coordination: When you wear the right fitting Head tennis shoes on the court, rest assured your feet will endure less stress and remain comfortable all day long. The game does make you move, but in addition, there’s a lot of sudden stopping and starting, turning and twisting, depending on where the ball flies. Your mind tells your body how to coordinate all your moving parts in a flexible and balanced manner, but over time your arms, legs and everything else will begin to respond naturally, and fast.

Now that you know some of the health benefits that come with playing tennis, it’s time to get moving! For a selection of tennis products and gear—like Head tennis shoes and racquets—look no further than Lawler Sports. Visit and shop our online store today.


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