Wilson tennis bags come in many styles and sizes. When you are choosing a tennis bag for the first time, it can be difficult to determine which features you need the most. Sometimes, the best way to go about this is to buy a lower-priced but good quality bag so you have time to develop preferences. But if you would rather not spend money on something you may not like in a month or two, here are features to consider:

  • Strap style: There are bags that are only hand-carried and others with removable shoulder straps so you have a choice. Wilson also has a bag with two adjustable straps so you can adjust them for hand or shoulder carrying. Everyone seems to have a strong preference in this department, so consider how you normally carry other bags—over the shoulder or in your hand? If the bag style does not work for you, tennis backpacks are becoming more popular. That is a great option for people who prefer keeping their hands free and do not enjoy a lot of weight on one shoulder.
  • Compartments: We all need pockets, and this is frequently a priority with tennis bags as well as clothing. You will have a compartment for your racket or even several of them. Customers also like room for a package of balls, water bottles, a change of shoes and anything else that could be useful to them on a long day of play or hot weather outdoors. We also meet customers who want a bag with smaller pockets for items like car keys, wallets or mobile devices. When you examine Wilson tennis bags, check every compartment and pay attention to that part of the specifications if you are shopping online. Many customers end up upgrading their bags just because they want more space and pockets to carry other items.
  • Racket capacity: Most beginning players purchase the standard three-racket bag. This offers enough space for one racket plus all your additional stuff. Also, since many beginners start with rackets featuring oversized heads, the three-racket size better accommodates that design. Larger bags from the six- to 15-racket capacity are designed for serious tennis players who tour the tournament circuit. Even when recreational players become skilled at their game, they usually only need a six-racket bag at most. But if you are carrying team rackets or carry extra gear, a larger bag will likely suit you.
  • Style and colors: You will not use a tennis bag if it does not look good! There is nothing petty about preferring your favorite colors or styles. Bags have a standard sports-bag look with bright colors and polyester material. However, there are also bags with flare, including animal prints and leather-like appearance. If you want to view all your options to find the perfect mix of style and functionality, go right ahead! Many players use their bags to express themselves.

If you are considering Wilson tennis bags, Lawler Sports offers many styles, options and capacities. Visit us today to see our inventory and find your ideal bag!


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