Whether you are joining a club, taking private classes or getting started on your own, there are a few basics that you will need to begin your journey to becoming a talented tennis player. In addition to a racket with good tennis strings, here a few essential pieces of equipment you will need in your starter kit:

  • Tennis racket: Finding a tennis racket that matches your beginner’s skill set is critical to your growth, so spending a substantial amount of time selecting a racket is very important. If you start off using a racket that is more advanced than your game is at that point, it could present unnecessary challenges to your development. As you continue to learn, it is very likely that the racket you start out using will change over time as your skills expand. Because of this, do not feel that all of your initial focus has to be on finding an expensive racket. Finding something that matches your skill level and feels comfortable without putting any needless strain on your body will be your main goal with your first racket.
  • Strings: One thing every tennis player knows is that you are sure to break a couple of strings along the way, no matter how advanced your skills may be. As you continue to develop, you will learn that different string types match different styles of play better than others. As you continue to learn more about your own personal playing style, you will likely go through a wide range of string types and methods before you settle in on the options that suit you best.
  • Ball holder and tennis balls: While it is not a necessity, having a ball holder to hold additional balls and make them readily accessible when necessary will certainly make your training easier. If you are spending less time between reps collecting the balls, you will have more time per session to practice and get into a rhythm. You will also need tennis balls, and lots of them. You can buy them one at a time or in a three- or four-pack, and you can experiment until you find a brand that you like playing with best.
  • Tennis bag: You will quickly learn that the easiest and most convenient way to transport all of this new equipment is with a tennis bag. If you are a beginner and generally only carry one racket at a time, a small tennis bag that can be worn on your back will suffice. When you begin carrying multiple rackets, you can work your way up to the full-sized carrier bag that fits up to twelve rackets.

When you are ready to start perusing different racket and tennis string options, be sure to visit Lawler Sports. In addition to an extensive selection of tennis, racquetball, badminton and squash equipment, we offer racket demos that will give you the knowledge you need to get ready for your first lesson. To learn more or inquire about a particular piece of equipment, get in touch with us today!


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