Beach tennis can be described as a combination of the best parts of volleyball and tennis. You play the game with a paddle specifically made for the sport, just as quality Wilson racquets are recommended to tennis players. Sound intriguing? The following information may make beach tennis your new favorite summer sport!

Why has beach tennis become so popular?

Many types of sports, whether played for fun or competition, are tried and true American pastimes. There’s football, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming and so many more, but have you heard of beach tennis? Yes, beach tennis is a sport, also called all-volley tennis; this may be the first time you’re hearing of it. Essentially, it’s beach volleyball meets tennis, and even though the game has become popular in the United States, it’s regularly played in other countries as well.

What exactly is beach tennis?

Whether being played for recreation or as a competitive sport, beach tennis gear is the same. All you need is a volleyball net, special tennis paddles (check out Wilson racquets and paddles) and depressurized tennis balls—and don’t forget people to play with!

If you know how to play beach volleyball and tennis, then you already know how to play beach tennis. It’s pretty much a game of tennis taking place on a regulation beach volleyball court. You need two to four players on each team, and the goal is to hit the ball back and forth over the net without the ball dropping. However, unlike volleyball, you’re only allowed one hit per team.

Why should you play beach tennis?

You may be wondering, “Why should I play beach tennis? Why not just volleyball, or just tennis?” Well, because volleyball and tennis are both extremely physical sports and can be rough on your body. A volleyball is hard on your wrists, and the tennis court means playing with hard racquets and your feet and ankles landing on a hard surface. Beach volleyball, on the other hand, provides sand as a landing spot to absorb shock to your knees and ankles, while tennis paddles add comfort for your wrists and forearms.

What else should I know about the sport?

So, we’ve established that comfort is a big selling point to those interested in playing beach tennis. But there is much more to beach tennis than that. For one thing, it’s an exceedingly versatile sport. You can play the game on the sand, grass, snow or a variety of hard surfaces, which means you can play any time of the year during any season. Moreover, the rules are a good mix of tennis and beach volleyball. It’s a simple sport to learn that’s as fun to play as badminton or tennis, and it’s also a great way for folks of all ages to stay active.

Do you want to give beach tennis a go? Try it out with your friends or family one of these weekends! And no beach tennis game is complete without the right Wilson racquets and paddles—pay a visit to Lawler Sports for all your sports gear needs!


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