Babolat racquets are known for their innovation and precise handling. Made for amateur and professional tennis players alike, many customers feel like their Babolat racket was specially made for them. You can enjoy the benefits of this special brand by trying one out in a demo. We will not be surprised if that encourages you to purchase your own! Here is what make Babolat stand out among other brands:

  • Oldest racket manufacturer: Babolat started creating tennis equipment in 1875. It is the oldest manufacturer of this specialty, and it always worked to advance tennis and badminton with its equipment development. Besides creating rackets, it is also known for its shoes, since the same study that advanced racket technology also offered specialized knowledge in creating the perfect tennis footwear. This is a company that is willing to try something new and expand as it gains knowledge. You can always expect something different from Babolat each year.
  • Knowledge of tennis players: Rackets arise from the design stage through observing players. Every racquet Babolat manufactures is the result of observing and analyzing play styles of both amateurs and professionals. Since the company prefers to avoid exclusivity, there is just as much devoted to learning from amateurs and club players in their desires for their rackets as with those who are on the professional circuit. While many companies emphasize the feedback of professionals, Babolat listens to all serious players, no matter their status in the tennis world. There is a racket model available for every level of ability.
  • Partnerships: However, Babolat knows it cannot advance on its own. The company is known for partnering with other companies and universities. A contract with Michelin, for example, allows it to create the unique outsoles for its shoes. These partnerships also allow it to interact with players of many levels to determine the best design for rackets. It reaches out to universities and clubs to assure understanding of all play levels.
  • Use of technology: When analyzing players, Babolat uses proprietary technology to understand specific details of how the game is played. Its series of apps and tools will measure ball speed, foot movements and swings. For example, when using these tools to study Rafael Nadal’s game, Babolat invented the Aeroprodrive racket, which offers a distinctive aerodynamic cross section that is not duplicated with any other brand.
  • Teaching tools: Many inventions by Babolat help players improve their game. The Memo Grip uses a color coordinated system to give beginners a visual reference for correct hand positions. The Cortex Dampening System sends data to an app so players can learn how well they are controlling the ball with each hit. Not only does this show the Babolat dedication to constructing the best equipment for the game, but it also shows commitment to helping players use those innovations to their fullest potential.

Lawler Sports in Terre Haute, IN offers Babolat racquets for sale and in our demo program. If you are interested in this unique brand, call or visit us today.


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