Dealers Only

As a small shop or league head, it can be difficult to find wholesale pricing and availability for great equipment for you and your team. That’s where Lawler Sports step in. With our dealers only service, we share full access to our backend catalog to ensure that your team gets the best equipment and service available.

Using a simple sign-in feature on our website, as a dealer you have access to dealer pricing for schools, teams, businesses and organizations, ensuring that you’re getting great equipment at great prices. With special and exclusive access and superior customer service, our dealers only service is a one-of-a-kind opportunity:

  • Dealer only access: As a dealer, you get exclusive access to products and services. With early access, special promotions and exclusive deals, our dealers only service offers superior equipment at affordable prices for your whole team.
  • Dealer only pricing: Dealers have access to special and hugely discounted pricing for teams from the smallest to the largest size, allowing you to equip your whole team with the best for a supremely affordable cost.
  • Dealer only service: With dealers only service upgrades and exclusive access to our professional service and restringing technicians, we’ll ensure that your equipment is always in top working order.

Not only do we offer superior deals, access and pricing to our dealers, we also proudly offer our superior service for your equipment. We will gladly service or restring any make and model of racquet, and some brands we’re proud to work with include Alpha, Ashaway, Prince, Head, Gearbox, Bexco, Python, Under Armour, Wilson and, of course, our own Lawler Sports.

From exclusive pricing to excellent service, we proudly offer our dealers some of the best equipment and superior service on the market at an extremely affordable price. To learn more about our dealers only service, call us today at 812-235-3701.