Wilson Pro Staff 97


  • Headsize: 97 in2
  • Weight Strung: 11.6 oz
  • Recommended Tension: 55 /- 5lbs
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Roger Federer’s racket with a new modernly classic red and black
look, but just a touch lighter. The reduced weight makes for easy
swings and control of the ball for the player who likes to attack
inside the baseline and finish points at the net with precision
volleys. Yet another reason to respect the next generation Pro Staff.


    • ProStaff: A timeless racquet style Developed over 30
      years ago, this timeless racquet style has survied the ages.
      Featuring a head light balance, thin beam, braided graphite/Kevlar
      construction and perimeter weight system at 3 and 9 o’clock for
      torsional stability. This frame was made with amazing control
      and feel in mind.


    • Amplifeel Technology: A softer handle, made possible
      by enhanced foam that conforms better to a players grip, yet
      made stable by graphite and basalt planks that also improve
      feel. A rounded butt-cap design gives the racquet handle a more
      tapered feel that provides greater comfort for players who grip
      the handle closer to or on the butt-cap.


    • BLX: BL=Basalt. Basalt is a natural volcanic rock, that
      can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers
      with incredible vibration resistance. Karophite Black is woven
      longitudinally into these new fibers to create one of the most
      advanced composites in the industry.



  • Headsize: 97 in2
  • Weight Strung: 328.85g
  • Weight Strung: 11.6 oz
  • Balance: 7 Points Head Light
  • Swing Weight: 320
  • Stiffness: 66
  • Length: 27in
  • Cross Section: 12.5-21.5-21.5 mm
  • Power Level: Low
  • Stroke Style: Full
  • Swing Speed: Fast
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • Composition: Braided Kevlar & Graphite / Basalt Fibers
  • Grip: Wilson Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Tension: 55 /- 5lbs

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Grip Size

#1 (4 1/8), #2 (4 1/4), #3 (4 3/8), #4 (4 1/2)


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