Head Extreme Pro w/Innegra 3 5/8 Racquet


  • Head Size:107 sq. in.
  • Weight (Unstrung): 165g
  • Length:22 in


At only 165 grams, the new Extreme Pro is a
great option for players looking for a little
more head weight to help generate power and


    • Innegra: Extremely tough and light; lightest performance
      fiber in the world today. In combination with carbon fiber,
      Innegra forms an ultra strong and explosive hybrid-composite
      structure. The benefits include Improved stability and increased
      shock absorption, vibration on ball impact is reduced by 17 % for
      unique control and precision and HEAD’s new hybrid-composite
      structure considerably extends the performance of your HEAD racquet


    • ASP (Adaptive String Pattern):the adaptive string pattern
      technology features one exchangeable grommet set for the head of
      the racquet. You can choose between 16/16 for more control or
      12/16 for more Power.


    • Delta Frame:HEAD’s engineers optimized the traditional teardrop
      head shape to create a new Delta shape. This new shape allows you to
      get more power out of the ball without losing your control by bringing
      the frame in closer to the throat.


    • Power Channels: HEAD engineers have eliminated 33% of the
      grommet holes in the head of the racquet by developing innovative
      shared ports. In addition, Power Channels have been lowered deeper
      into the throat of the racquet.


  • Power Stabilizer: HEAD’s patented twin tube construction is
    strategically placed in the head of the racquet to provide maximum
    stability. This ensures incredible power even on off-center shots.


  • Beam:21mm
  • Head Size:107 sq. in.
  • Weight (Unstrung): 165g
  • Balance (Unstrung):285 mm
  • Length:22 in
  • Grip:HydroSorb Black
  • String Pattern:ASP – 16/16, 12/16
  • String:Megablast 16 Black


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