Gearbox G11


  • Material: Carbon and Glass Fiber
  • Weight: 8.5 oz


The Gearbox G11 is from Gearbox’ newest “G-Series” line of paddles. The new line is bringing back the Patent Pending Solid Span Technology for durability but in a new softer layout for better control. The G-Series is made of advanced composite materials that are hand laid.  The quality of the Gearbox paddles is the main component that sets them apart from the rest. The G11 provides a soft touch but provides extra pop when needed for slams as well as grounstrokes. This paddle is edgeless and has an exceptionally large sweet spot.


  • SOLID SPAN TECHNOLOGY– Solid Span Technology uses a carbon fiber rib and chamber construction. The G7s structure is actually made of three internal structures that are integrated and molded into one. The first structure runs the perimeter of the paddle, like a super strong frame protecting the paddle’s edge. The second structure is made of multiple chambers that run horizontally across the paddle, providing rigidity to the face. The third structure is made of carbon fiber sheets placed on both the front and back of paddle face.With this exciting new technology, Gearbox was able to successfully engineer a variety of key playability factors and customize the feel, touch, and pop of this paddle.
  • Molded Single Piece Construction-Employing a proprietary manufacturing process, Gearbox has created a paddle with a single piece structure. Using a high pressure process combined with high heat, the resin is able to flow freely throughout all the fibers. At the end of this process, what you get is a super strong, edgeless paddle ready for play. This “molding” process makes the G7 paddle unlike anything else in the industry. This super strong structure gives this paddle extraordinary durability and quality. Most other paddles available today are not “molded”, instead manufacturers use glue to adhere together the various part of a paddle, including the face, bumper, handle shell and end cap of paddle. Gearbox does not use glue in the construction of its paddles.
  • Carbon Fiber Composition-The G7 frame is crafted utilizing only the best materials and implements the best techniques to properly use those materials in your paddle. This paddle features carbon fiber and glass fiber throughout its exterior structure and core construction.
  • No Delamination/ No soft Spots-The face of the G7 is not glued on the way most other paddles faces are, therefore avoiding common defects such as delamination. Our paddles are molded. The Solid Span core also prevents soft spots commonly found in other paddles.


  • USAPA Approved
  • Patent Pending Solid Span Technology
  • Composite Composition
  • Single Piece Molded Construction
  • Maximized “Sweet Spot”
  • Edgeless
  • No Delamination
  • No Honeycomb Core
  • No Soft Spots


  • Material: Carbon and Glass Fiber
  • Core Material: Carbon, Glass Fiber, Epoxy Thermal Set Resins
  • Core Construction: Patent Pending Solid Span Technology
  • Weight: 8.5 oz
  • Handle Size: 3 ⅞” grip
  • Total Length: 15 15/16”
  • Head Width: 8”
  • Head Length: 10 15/16”
  • Handle Length: 5”
  • Warranty: 1 year

Additional information

Weight .57 lbs

Yellow, Purple


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