Gamma 6004 w/ 2 PT SC Mounting Stringing Machine


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1. Manual spring tension winder (9 to 90 lbs / 4 to 41 kgs)

2. Patented rotational string guide

3. Diamond coated string gripper

4. Reversible Handle

5. 2-Point Self-Centering Suspension Mounting System

Slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique
self-locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure

7. Super Quick Switch Action cam-lock swivel clamps lock securely to the turntable quickly and easily

8. 360 degree turntable rotation with locking brake

9. Large tool tray

10. Height adjustable from 36 to 48

Includes Tools (Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrench Set, Straight
Pliers, Bent Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Cleaning Stone &
Starting Clamp) and Custom cover

12. 5 Year Limited Warranty (call for details)


Mounting System



2 Point

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