E-Force Apocalypse Beta 190 Racquet


  • Head Size: 108 sq. in.
  • Strung Balance: 2 pts Head-Heavy
  • Head Shape: Teardrop
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The Total Racquet

Powerful. Solid. Damp. A point scoring, competitor domination
machine. Devastating to your opponent while pushing your game
to extremes thought not possible.

Under the paint, the Apocalypse Beta is a composition of over 50
individual discrete pieces of hi-modulus graphite, each hand
positioned and strategically located, layered and molded into
a single hitting structure. Not tennis . . . racquetball only
inventions, only available in E-Force racquets and developed
over 20 years, are synergistically combined with this fined
tuned graphite structure.


  • Zero Richter Tubes X2: All mainstrings are enclosed in vibration dampening tubes hidden in the handle. 117 inches in total for less vibration & better feel
  • Power Boosters G2: Power Boosters G2 are E-Force’s second generation
    of the Power Booster technology. Boosters have benn extended and enhanced,
    and additional cross-strings stabilized, giving the stringbed even more power
    for on and off center hits. In addition, ball control and accuracy is increased
    further. The boosters create a solid hitting surface increasing the confidence
    of the player by turning the entire racquet into a hitting, power, kill zone.
  • Dual Cylinder Frame: Cylinders are an extremely strong structure. The
    Dual Cylinder Frame connects two cylinders with a graphite bridge making it
    incredibly strong, stiff and generates more power. Additionally, this invention
    allows cross strings to anchor at the outside edge of the bridge achieving
    additional length in free space and power.
  • Extreme Longstring: All mains and cross strings extend in free space
    from head through handle and to the outside edges of the frame. When the Dual
    Cylinder frame was introduced it allowed strings to anchor even further out on
    the frame, making the strings even longer than ever before. Extreme Longstrings
    are the longest strings possible in free space and are exclusive to E-Force.
  • 22″ Longstings: 22″ Longstrings, the longest possilbe, extend from the
    head of the racquet, in free space through the handle to the butt of the racquet.
    Free space is important to note as it means there is nothing hindering the strings
    from movement. The longer the strings in free space are the more Power generated
    from them, is due to stringbed deflection. Stringbed deflection is the
    bend/give/movement of the strings. For example, imagine a bow and arrow. The longer
    the boq is the longer the bow string is and the farther back you can pull the string
    to shoot the arrow. The racquet frame is the bow and the 8 longer main strings is
    bow string. The ball is the arrow; instead of pulling the arrow back in the bow
    string the ball strikes the string bed. The longer main strings forces the stringbed
    to deflect (bend) more, launching the ball with greater force, power, and velocity.
  • Hi-Compression Wing: 30% thinner, aerodynamic frame shape with armor-like super
    thick frame walls. This E-Force innovation compresses Dual Cylinders creating smaller
    tubes with thicker walls. This reduces frame twist and distortion as it is much stronger
    and more durable due to the thicker walls. The aerodynamic frame increases racquet
  • Powerhouse Shaft: An extra long hollow graphite shaft was added to the handle,
    still allowing all main strings to extend through the shaft and handle in free space.
    The Powerhouse shaft increases whip and power. Additionally, the longer shaft shifts
    racquet wight to the “sweet spot”.
  • Tri-Carbon Frame: There are many different types of Carbon, which is the same as
    Graphite. Carbon is incredibly light but also very stiff. Among other things, the stiffness
    of the racquet can be manipulated depending on the type of carbon used, the positioning
    (layup) and the layering of it. E-Force uses 3 different types of carbon chosen for optimum
    stiffness, durability and weight, and layers them in a methodical way to create high
    performance racquet frames.
  • Total Carbon Head: E-Force stripped the entire head of the racquet of heavy paint and
    many non-structural materials and reinforced it with additional Graphite. This increased head
    stiffness and made the head significantly stronger and more durable.
  • Bypass Stringing System: When a ball hits a traditional stringbed it strikes two adjacent
    strings, the impact on both strings allows less string movement. This results in a less than
    optimal hit and a greater likelihood of string breakage. With the Bypass stringing System
    stringbed it will never strike two adjacent main strings at the same time, given the dimensions
    of a racquetball. This allows for a livelier ball response, more power, increased string movement
    and string durability.
  • F.A.T Zones: To make the curved high stressed areas of the racquet stronger E-Force
    engineers invented Fiber Alignment Technology (F.A.T. Zones) to straighten and align fibers,
    ultimately strengthening the racquet and adding more power.



  • Head Size: 108 sq. in.
  • Head Shape: Teardrop
  • Length: 22 in.
  • Unstrung Weight: 190g
  • Strung Weight: 224.6g
  • Strung Balance: 2 pts Head-Heavy
  • Strung Swingweight: 152
  • Factory String: E-Force Oxygen 17 Black
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Grip Type: E-Force Resin Wrap Grip
  • String Pattern: 14 x 16
  • String Tension: 28-34 lbs

Additional information

Grip Size

SS (3 5/8), XS (3 15/16)


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