Dunlop Fusion 150 Squash Racquet


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The Dunlop Fusion 150 Squash Racket has a generous 77.5 in² (500 cm²) head and features latest technologies to boost your game. The Power Grommets design uses soft polymer for enhanced cross string movement and a better power potential. The Advanced Control System (ACS™) increases torsional strength making the racquet highly controllable and stable. What is more, the head light frame is made from lightweight yet durable graphite providing excellent maneuverability. The frame is supplied strung with an X-Life 17G string in a 16×19 pattern and there is a racket cover for protection between uses.

> Squash Racket
> Head Size: 77.5 in² (500 cm²)
> Frame Weight: 150 g (5.3 oz)
> Balance: Head Light
> Length: 27’’ (686 mm)
> Strung with X-Life 17G string
> String Pattern: 16×19
> Construction: Graphite
> Cover included


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